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  a Start menu for Windows 8
ST Recover
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Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 8, 7 & Vista (& XP with some limitations).
Also works as a Start Menu replacement for this poor Windows 8.

History of versions

Welcome to the official installation page of AllProgs.
For more information, please visit the main page of the software,
or the introduction in my blog.


Name :
Version :
The latest available is here
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The following prerequisites are required :
  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Immediate installation

If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.



If you want to share this software with your users or readers, you can distribute it on your web site or by any other mean that respect the license.

Complete installer (ready for redistribution):
Please do not  link to this file from your web site, whether link to the present page or host the installer on your site.
sha-256: f817882b9165ca4afa37c5afc3edcdc6530bae424408be0813a77cd5dc50f438
Descriptive PAD file :
License text:

In details

The simple installer file and its accompanying files are not allowed for redistribution.
If you want to redistribute AllProgs, you can download the complete installer here.
Please do not link to this file from your web site, whether link to the present page or host the installer on your site.
Please read the license text file it contains, or download it here.

A descriptive PAD file can be found here.
PAD is a standard descriptive format made to facilitate software redistribution. It contains updated information about the present software.
You can learn more about PAD format on the ASF's site.

Alternative download sites

If for any reason you can not download the software from this page, you will find the complete installer on these external web sites:

Regularly updated sites:
(usually host the latest version of the software)

Irregularly updated sites:
(the file they host can be outdated)

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