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  a Start menu for Windows 8
ST Recover
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Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 8, 7 & Vista (& XP with some limitations).
Also works as a Start Menu replacement for this poor Windows 8.

History of versions

Some hints

  • Hit the AltGr key (AltGr key) once to show or hide the window.
    It is not a key combination, just hit AltGr alone once.

  • To find a particular application or document, enter a name in the filter area.
    You can enter part of the name you search ("diary" will find "My diary.odt" for example),
    or use jokers ("*.jpg" will find your jpeg pictures).
    Please note that it is a filter, it will not search files on your drives, it will only filter the applications & documents currently listed in the different areas of AllProgs's window.

  • Some options are available. Click on the upper button: "Show the options".

  • If the Shift key is pressed while opening the contextual menu of a Favorite document or application, you will see the complete menu.
    Please be careful: this menu depends on the actual document or application file, not on a shortcut.
    Use it only if you know what you are doing.

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